The Complete Trisser Story

Lena Oxton, known as Tracer or Tracer in Arabic, is a fictional character appearing in the video game Overwatch 2016 – Shooting Games, developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

About Trisser

– Tracer was first seen in the film Overwatch Cinematic Trailer, which was later introduced as a playable character in the April 2016 Heroes of the Storm game about the multi-player Blizzard online game.

– And that character, which is of British origin, has been noticed by video game outlets to be lively, in the game, Tracer enjoys health and has a high degree of mobility and skills including teleporting and travel over time, The capacity resulting from an accident left it unable to maintain a physical form at present until Winston invented the accelerator chronel, which is the device that allows it to control its own time frame.

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Tracer’s personal significance

– Tracer Tracer is one of the most famous Overwatch characters; prominently featured in the official media of the game, including promotional work and cover art, as it appears in the art of fans, Tracer has become widely known after the media attention to the controversy over The internet is surrounded by one of its wins in the game.

– The character also appeared in the animated Overwatch media and a digital comic series based on the game, and in its first comic appearance, was revealed to be a lesbian, a picture received positively by the media and players.

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Tricer design and development

Tracer was one of the first 12 Overwatch films to be presented at BlizzCon in 2014, whose design is based on an element of the blizzard project. Overclocking director Jeff Kaplan said Titan included a group of characters called “Jumper” Which has evolved into a Tracer because Overwatch focuses on creating individual characters rather than public figures.

– The Jumper was portrayed as a male in most of the artist’s concept works, such as Tracer in Overwatch. The Jumper was equipped with Blink and Recall capabilities, as well as a Pulse bomb and dual machine pistols. The impact of the Tracer with the G18 pistols Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.).

Tracer was influenced by Geoff Goodman, the main hero of Overwatch5. Tracer was the first champion of the game and was used to test the basic gameplay. Kaplan listed the first test for Overwatch, saying, “The whole level was based on the only hero, Tracer, and we did not have any visual effects or points attached to her rifles, so she just launched the laser beams out of her eyes. “

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– The Arch of Anubis is the first map developed for the game, and the map and the tracker have been working simultaneously. Unlike other characters, Tracer’s three abilities have been preserved throughout the game development, said Aaron Keller, assistant game manager at Overwatch. “From the start, I grew up as a hero, fast and full of magic, more determined to harness the opposing team than to survive a frontal attack.”

Tracer ‘s story

– Away from the game, Tracer is her real name Lena Oxton, 26, and her base of operations in London, England, an adventurer Tracer and a former international team worker, and in Overwatch lore, Tracer is known for her pioneering skills; Royal Air Joe, has become the youngest person ever to be recruited into the pilot Overwatch pilot program.

– was selected for the Slipstream test, a prototype of a remote fighter; during the pilot flight, the space transport matrix in Slippstream was disrupted and the tracking death was disrupted and subsequently reappeared after being out of sync with the flow of time, preventing it from maintaining a physical form Presently, a scientist named Winston invented the chronel, which gives Tracer control over time.

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– These events occurred during a period when Overwatch was increasingly criticized and criticized by the public. In April 2017, the “Hero Gallery” of the game was updated to include short biographies of characters and background information on skins that the player can process on characters, Although Overwatch has been overcome by force, Tracer’s biography indicates that it continues to “correct errors and fight the good fight wherever the opportunity arises.”


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