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Water presentation

Water comes in three forms of ice and water (the kind we usually see in oceans and lakes), and steam (the form of water in the air) – all have a clear color.


Hello, my name is, I will present today a theme about water and its importance to all living things. I will also provide some illustrations. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them all after I have finished.


Water comes from sources on the ground and is located in many places such as oceans, rivers, lakes, air, underground wells and glaciers in places such as Antarctica, our bodies are about 55-60% water and land 70% water.

We need water to live and stay in good health because a large proportion of us are water. Like us, plants and animals also need water for survival. These include all living things on earth and under water. Of course, water is clearly important for marine life such as coral reefs, fish and marine plants. , And encourages the provision of water resources to the nation and look to it through this effort, and the EPA challenges people in the community to join them and others working to protect and restore rivers, waterways, wetlands, lakes, groundwater and estuaries, You can reduce the amount of waste water generated by home systems and sewage treatment plants by conserving water, and using less water means less amount of waste.

You can also try using low flow taps, shower heads, low-flow water cleaning equipment, water-saving devices such as dishwashers and washing machines, fixing leakage of water sources in your home, and avoiding leaving taps unnecessarily when people clean their teeth leaving the tap, Use a bucket to provide water or go to a car wash that uses water efficiently and gets rid of runoff properly, runoff is the source of waste and pollution, and do not overdo your lawn. Over-irrigation may lead to increased fertilizer filtration When the garden needs irrigation, use slow irrigation techniques such as drip irrigation or water hoses (these devices reduce surface runoff and are more than 20 percent sprayers). Water is important for all organisms:

1 – Water and humans, the human body uses water in many ways, water helps to make blood It keeps our bodies cool by making us sweat, and dumps the body in the form of urine and tells us thirst.

2 – Water and plants, plants also depend on water in many ways, and the plant needs water for survival and growth, and make food with the help of water, sunlight, carbon dioxide and green pigment (chlorophyll) in their leaves.

Aquatic life Aqua means “water.” Aquatic plants and animals are called aquatic plants and aquatic animals respectively, called animals that live on Earth as well as water amphibians.

There is monsoon or rainy season, monsoon or rainy season The word “seasonal” originated from the Arabic word mausim which means “season” and symbolizes the rainy season, insects during the rainy season rainwater collects in ponds and empty containers, this is the ideal place for mosquitoes to lay eggs Malaria and dengue are among the major diseases that can develop in stagnant water, monsoon or rainy season because rainbow formation is formed, rainbow is one of the most beautiful masterpieces of nature and when sunlight passes through rain drops, it extends to seven colors of Rainbow, V-b Naphtha I – Indigo B – Blue G – Green Y – Yellow O – Orange R – Red, and water benefits of the body:

1 – water is necessary for kidney and other functions of the body.
2 – when the drought can make the skin more susceptible to skin disorders and wrinkles.
3. Drinking water can help you lose weight.
4. Water lubricates the joints.
5. It forms saliva and mucus.
6. Enhances skin health and beauty.
7. Maintains the brain, spinal cord and other sensitive tissues.
8. Regulates body temperature.
9. Remove body waste.
10. Helps maintain blood pressure.
11. Lack of water can cause increased blood density, which increases blood pressure.
12. Bronchial need.
13. Reduces the chance of a headache.

Drinking too much water is a simple way to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection and help treat current urinary tract infection. Kidney stones interfere with how the kidneys work and can complicate urinary tract infections, and this complicated urinary tract infection tends to longer periods of antibiotics to treat them normally. What lasts from 7 to 14 days, the main cause of kidney stones is lack of water, people often reported do not drink the recommended daily water intake, kidney stones may also increase the risk of chronic kidney disease.


Thank you for your interest. I hope you have benefited from the topic and I like you, and now I will answer the questions with pleasure.

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