Method of cleaning shrimp

Shrimp is one of the most popular among the people today. It is one of the most interesting and tasty salads. Shrimp is known under many different names, including prawns and shrimps and has many important health benefits. Shrimp contains many beneficial nutrients to the body Which contribute to protect the body from several problems, and available today several types of shrimp, including brown shrimp and pink, which is the most prevalent.

Method of cleaning and peeling shrimp

Some may suffer from the ability to clean and peel the shrimp properly before cooking, as the shrimp is different from other lakes in terms of cleaning the intestines are in the back so it is better to be opened first and cleaned well and then cook for the best taste, and the method of peeling shrimp They are carried out according to the following steps.

1 – shrimp is often available in the shops ice and a subject in Karatin and you may find several different types of small and large size as needed. The best shrimp is the large type of brown or dark in particular, which is the easiest at all when cleaning Peeling and orange shrimps are best avoided because they can not be cleaned or peeled compared to other types so they are cooked without peeling and dispose of the intestines.

2. It is best to buy shrimp from reliable places to make sure it is fresh and easy to deal with.

3. Before you peel or open the shrimp, you first have to clean it thoroughly with water. The whole amount is placed in a large container. The shrimp are immersed in water if it is frozen and not placed in warm water. It is placed in cold water until it breaks fast. .

4. You should start peeling by removing the head of the shrimp and be removed immediately if the shrimp is good and fresh and once you remove the head appears a piece of meat under the head directly.

5. The small shrimp legs that are in the abdomen are removed. They are easy to remove and do not take much time.

6. Here it is easy to get rid of the shrimp crust immediately and to be removed from both top and bottom.

7. Once you have removed the outer shell of the shrimp you will notice the appearance of a dark color line in the back area and this line is saturated with shrimp and must be removed immediately before cooking.

8. The back is cut through a sharp housing or through a small scissors, and you must remove the thread immediately, so that the thread is gently removed so that it does not break and it is harmful here to cut the whole shrimp lengthwise.

9 – After you finish cleaning the whole shrimp you have to wash the quantity that are all water.

10 – so you can get rid of the smell of the whistle, which may alienate some of it is possible to put a quantity of lemon juice on the water, which is washed shrimp.

11. After finishing the previous step you should wash the shrimp from all directions through the flour until you get good shrimp.

12 – After all the previous steps you will be able to get good shrimp without smell and ready to prepare immediately can be boiled shrimp with garlic, tomatoes and pepper or fried shrimp with flour or in any way you prefer.

Benefits of shrimp

Shrimp has many important benefits, including:

Fight cancer

Shrimp is a meal that contains selenium, an important ingredient that fights cancer in the body and contains elements that act as antioxidants that attack harmful cancer cells in the body.

Obesity treatment

It is also used in the elimination of excess weight it contains a large proportion of protein and at the same time does not contain a lot of fat.

Bone health

Shrimp crustaceans contain a large proportion of phosphorus and calcium which are important and beneficial elements in building and maintaining bones.


Shrimp also contains magnesium, which has been confirmed by many studies as a useful ingredient for diabetics.



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