Information about Intel 9 generation processors

The new Intel Core 9 “i9-9900K is a step forward in the CPUs we are waiting for. It is the CPU that Intel is hoping to produce since the AMD Ryzen processors have delivered the company with ultra-clean and multi-threaded performance, Intel Core i9 chipset The Intel Core i9-9900K comes with eight cores and 16 threads and the ability to increase the clock speed to 5.0 GHz. This new eight-core processor not only bridges the gap with the best AMD processor, Also exceed them.

Availability and price of the Intel IX processor

Intel Core i9-9900K will refund you $ 479 (£ 469 and about $ 696), which is a big return on price from the previous Intel Core i7-8700K processor, which is currently $ 329 (£ 329, $ 478) The first Intel Core i9 chip also seems to be expecting a high price next to the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, which costs $ 249 (£ 270 or $ 454), which has the same specifications on paper and comes with an RGB CPU is highlighted in the box.

Features of the Intel 9 generation processor

Not only is the Intel Core i9-9900K one of the two first Core processors of Octa Core, the other is the Intel Core i7-9700K, but it also features the highest number of threads in the “Coffee Lake Refresh” lineup at 16, AMD and AMD’s second-generation Ryzen processors will eventually outperform AMD. The R780 2700X also features eight cores and 16 threads with base speeds and clock speeds of 3.7 GHz and 4.3 GHz respectively. On the other hand, the new Core i9 chipset Intel as starting at a 3.6 GHz base frequency and enhanced to 5.0 GHz single-core or 4.7 GHz with six to eight Of the nuclei.

But the most impressive thing about the Intel Core i9-9900K is that it integrates all of these cores and threads, not to mention the higher clock speeds of 400 MHz in the same 95-watt thermal beams as the previous coffee package CPUs, and one small detail The other that we are very excited about with the new line of Intel processors is that they all feature a built-in IHS heat-sink model. The new heat-based heat-resistant materials have helped to significantly dissipate the heat, and according to our figures the Intel 9 generation works at a full temperature of 10 Higher degrees Celsius Both Intel Core i7-8700K and i7-8086K.

Unlike Coffee Lake, “users will not necessarily have to boast of a new motherboard just to install this Core i9 chip. The Intel 9 generation is fully compatible with the current Z370 motherboards, which is very good if you only mean upgrading your CPU, The only one provided by the new Intel Z390 platform is the support of USB 3.1 Gen 2 for 10 Gbps speeds through traditional USB ports of full size and 802.11 ac WiFi 5 compact for wireless Gigabit speeds.

Performance of the ninth generation intel

The new Intel processors were a step behind AMD’s high performance multi-threaded performance, but the Intel Core i9-9900K changes all that. The first Core i9 chip from Team Blue sets a new standard for processing capacity with the highest single-core and multi-core test results , And the screaming of gains of up to 9900 thousand on any other mainstream CPU is astounding, as are the significantly higher Sinebench scores. Besides synthetic standards, this large increase in processing power translates to some of the fastest video encoding times we have seen in Handbrake .

Final Judgment on Intel ‘s Ninth Generation Processor

Intel may be delayed from the game through its eight core processor, but Intel Core i9-9900K impressive debut, can not underestimate the large increase in processing power Intel IX generation, and this CPU will be a blessing to any video editor or Photoshop Or other types of designs, and although the 9900 thousand promote the largest specifications we have seen on the mainstream Intel processor, it still consumes energy economically, such as Intel’s latest generation chips, and the re-introduction of a welded spray machine also reached one of Intel’s finest chips Years ago, the lack of an increase in the performance of the finest But we hope to see improvements with the emergence of new drivers and software, and in the end though Intel’s price of $ 579 (£ 599 and $ 859) when it first appeared, and its current price of $ 479 (£ 469, (About $ 696) is difficult to justify to most people, but content producers at the moment are wise to look for the ultimate gaming processor elsewhere.

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