I am a pigeon who does not fly

There are a number of types of pigeons that are easy to breed, because they are not able to fly, and these species have a number of characteristics, which we list below.

Bathroom Vibrator

The pigeon is shaken in a beautiful way and admires itself. He raises his head and raises his tail with a flat fan. So people like to enjoy this beauty. He is called the bathroom master. He is called the Vibration Bath because he constantly shakes his head. He has a short beak and a face that resembles the face of his face. On the braids of his nose are called kiosks, there are several types of hammocks, but the original bathroom is the smallest that goes back to India, the inherent type has the ability to stand on your toes with the head back to the tail end, highlight the chest and ease the wings below the tail. The black color is the rarer and the most expensive, and there is another type of big vibrator bath, which goes back to the United States of America.

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Bathroom Blower

This type of rock bath comes from selective breeding. The curls of the sport are on the wing shield blades, giving it a wonderful extra look. Although the frills look fun, judging these birds is a serious business. On the color and shape of the head and shape of her body and feather and other standards.

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Bathroom Kiosk

– The bathroom is characterized by many colors and attractive forms, and contains many different shapes, the most important feature in the bathroom kiosk, is the short length, because it belongs to the family Kogak bath, and that the bathroom in Turkey is short, and some say that the origin of this bathroom was In Turkey, it spread after the Islamic conquests and finally settled in Egypt, the word Kogk was abbreviated and became the term “kiosk” to refer to this type of bath.

– The specifications of the bathroom Kiosk is a standard and beautiful types, characterized by a short body, and the head is different from circular to oval, and the head covers a thick feather upside down in the form of an open rose, and is called “pin” or “crown,” and the eyes wide and surrounded by beautiful eyelids, The feet have thick hair to the end of the fingers.

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Austrian bathroom

– The Austrian bath is a collection of bathroom, which is characterized by the length of the feathers of the neck covering the head, where the hat is always produced a special feature and this type of bathroom enters the world championships, especially the original level and brilliant colors are exported to countries that require this because of the way of education and care and Which require special treatment. Experience and create the right environment for your education and the physical benefits are particularly good for this type of steam bath.

– Austrian pigeons often face obstacles at the beginning of their breeding for this species, and can spend a large number of pigeons because they are not fully aware of ways to prevent disease and provide the necessary food and adequate housing.

– Care of these birds is not wrapped in mystery and no secrets, and most required is the security of sense and appreciation is no more than understanding first and foremost the state of mind and trends of these unique birds and take care of them to treat them and achieve the desired success.

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Steam bath

– The steam bath is one of the most beautiful types of pigeons, one of the luxurious pigeons, one of the main types of pigeons and this type is characterized by the intensity of feathers in almost all directions of his body, and must be excellent species large, feathers thick on the head and feet, with Color consistency in this type.

– It is known that this type is characterized by poor fertilization and education for young children is not at the level, but you can gradually train to overcome this problem, where teachers resort to the pieces of feathers covering the eyes and a part of the feathers of the feet and blades complex compound to increase males.

– It is better to incubate the eggs and raise their children in other pairs known to educate them to educate the strong young from the beginning, because the feathers that grow in the body of the bird is small, which affects the health and strength as a result of feeding feathers and blood supply.

– There are many breeds in this type and find them with feathers very dense and uncompressed and composite, and some feathers, especially those covering the head, including large or medium size. But what distinguishes the original Bukhari is to be low and note that the neck is tilted forward at the bottom, there are different feather shapes of the neck in the head and back, as well as on the legs, large compared to other species, and has the ability to control erection or relaxation of feathers on the back of the neck.

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