Diseases that are used in the treatment of Cevamol

Cevamol is a pain reliever and antipyretic. Cevamol is an effective medication for treating headaches and colds. It also contains vitamin C and paracetamol, which works to lower the temperature and relieve pain caused by respiratory problems.

Characteristics of Cevamol

– Cevamol contains sparkling tablets on paracetamol and vitamin C, which works on pain relief and helps to reduce the temperature.

– Cevamol is tasteful and the stomach is well tolerated.

– Paracetamol is a powerful analgesic used in reducing heat and does not contain narcotic substance, and has no anti-inflammatory effect.

Vitamin C, which is a necessary element in the human body because it works as an enzyme helps in the formation of hormones and work to resist the body of microbial infection and rid the body of toxins and activate the immunity of the body and it helps to heal wounds and is important in the formation of red blood cells.

Indications for the use of Cevamol

– Headaches and cases of high temperature.

– Relieve symptoms associated with colds.

– When there is pain in the teeth.

– There is inflammation of the tonsils and pain in the throat.

– Used as a pain reliever.

– Treat cases of child fever

Helps in the treatment of ulcer pain.

– When there is inflammation of the nerves and indigestion.

– Used in cases of dysmenorrhea.

– After surgery and fractures.

Sifamole dosage Cevamol

– The prescribed dosage for adults is given from 1 to 2 tablets of medicine in half a cup of water and repeated dose every four hours.

– The dose of children older than 6 years, and less than 12 years is one tablet per half cup of water.

Contraindications to Cevamol

Cevamol is not taken for people who are allergic to a drug.

– People with urinary tract problems, whether kidney stones or stones in the urinary tract.

– Patients who are forbidden to eat meals containing sodium.

– People who drink alcohol and have a history of satisfactory with any disease of the liver and kidney.

– Pregnant women can take it during pregnancy and lactation normally.

It is not used in patients with hepatic failure and renal failure.

– Cevamol is not taken with any other medicines.

Effects and side effects of Cevamol

– The side effects of the drug are minor and rare but there may be bloody reactions or rash.

Taking high-dose Cevamol can cause diarrhea.

– The presence of digestive disorders and stomach pains leading to acute diarrhea.

– The exit of the stool in a dark color resembling mud.

– Juvenile jaundice and yellowing of skin and eye.

– The incidence of nausea and vomiting.

Warnings and precautions for Sivamol Cevamol

– Do not exceed the specified dose of the doctor so as not to cause side effects in the liver.

– Patients with the presence of phenyl ketone in the urine should not use the preparation.

Damage to overdose of Cevamol

– When taking overdose of Cevamolmay damage the liver, which include early symptoms of a change in skin color, nausea and vomiting, increased sweat and shortness of breath.

– After taking the overdose should be treated by washing the intestines.

– Medicare must be obtained immediately in any case of suspected overdose, whether in children or adults, even if there are no obvious symptoms.

– Do not take the medicine for more than 10 days in order to relieve pain.

– Taking the medicine for the treatment of fever does not exceed more than three days unless advised by the doctor otherwise.

– Check with your doctor when you exceed the prescribed period of treatment.

– Diabetics and patients who do not like some sugars should take into account that the drug contains sucrose.

Real estate interventions for Cevamol

– Tell your doctor if you are taking other medicines or taking herbs during treatment.

– Caution should be taken when taking drugs containing acetaminophen or containing paracetamol, such as colds and colds.

– Care should be taken when using concurrent supplements.

– When taking the drug may lead to a false result in the analysis of glucose in the urine.

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