Discover two mysterious clouds of dust near our planet

Nawfal Mohammed October 30, 2018 Views 59

Discover two mysterious clouds of dust near our planet

Scientists from Hungary have spotted two mysterious clouds of dust about 250,000 miles from Earth, sparking controversy over how they form.

These clouds were first reported in 1961 by Polish astronomer Kazimierz Kordelowski, but the debate has since been going on about their very existence.

Scientists at a private observatory in Hungary say they have finally found the dim clouds and discovered they are at semi-stable points forming a triangle with the moon and the earth.

The "Cordilusky" clouds were first confirmed to the first detectable using the linear polarization filter system using a sophisticated camera and CCD sensor at the observatory.

Scientists say the two clouds are located in an area known as the Lagrange Point, specifically at a specific point called L5.

These clouds have not been observed since 1961 and Judit Slíz-Balogh, co-author of the research, says that "the Cordilsky clouds are the most difficult to find, although close to Earth."

"Our planet certainly has bogus moons in its orbit alongside our moon neighbor," scientists say.

During the new study, led by Jabor Horvath of the University of Utvos Lorand, a model of the two clouds was done to find the best way to find them.

The exact source of dust clouds is still uncertain, although experts suspect they are areas of interstellar dust gathering.

Source: Daily Mail


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