Difference between i9 and i7 processor

The CPU, also called the central processor or master processor, is the electronic circuitry within the computer that executes computer program instructions by performing basic calculations, logic, control and I / O operations specified by instruction, Since the early 1960s, the term “CPU” has traditionally been referred to as the CPU and more specifically to the CPU and Control Unit (CU), which distinguishes these core elements of the computer from external components such as memory For main circuits I / O.

Comparison between Intel Core i9 and Core i7

Differences and price delta

There is no big gap between Intel Core 9 and 7, which are six-core processors that can handle 12 threads at a time, but the speed of the Core i9 is a bit faster, which is overclocked (referred to as “HK”) at 2.9 GHz or 4.8 GHz with Max Turbo Unlike the 2.6 GHz Core i7 or 4.3 GHz with Max Turbo, the Core i7 can store only 9 MB of cache, while the Core i9 can have 12 MB, and the processor’s smart cache basically remembers some The functions you use regularly and implemented more quickly.

While there is not much change on the surface, the cost difference is huge. The current prices for our two models are $ 2,799 for the Core i7 and $ 3,299 for the Core i9, a difference of $ 500. When configuring Alienware 15 R4, the cost of upgrading from Core i7-8750H to i9 -8950HK is $ 600, but in the latest EVO17-S version of the PC the same cost is $ 390, and in the Geekbench 4 test, a synthetic standard that measures overall performance for all speeds of the kernel plus memory, the Core GT75 Titan 8RG’s i7 is 17,639, It is less than the average 18709 gaming laptop, and at the same time the Core i9 version is 19.516 making it Accelerated by 9.4 percent of the Core i7, and overclocking for Core i9 it produces 21.204, which represents an increase of 16.8 percent from the Core i7.

Video Converter

The standard hand-held test tests how long it takes to convert a 6.27 GB, 12-minute and 30-second video code from 4K to 1080p, and the Core i7 took 9 minutes and 6 seconds solid over the average of 9:58, but Core i9 On the mission in 8 minutes and 31 seconds, this is a 35-second gap from the Core i7 or a 6.4 percent difference, but when we overclocked the Core i9 the PC finished the test at 8:23 which widened the gap to 9.2 percent of Core i7.

Test Excel

Your Excel test requires each laptop to match 65,000 names to its corresponding addresses. The MSI laptop with the Core i7 CPU has exceeded the average of 0:43 at 36 seconds and the Core i9 is slightly faster in 33 seconds, and this difference is 3 seconds equivalent Improved 8.3 percent, Core i9 overclocked the task execution up one second faster than that at 0:32, an increase of 11.1 percent.

The Rise Of Tomb Raider

Since both GT75 Titan 8RGs that cover the GPU with 8 GB of VRAM, we were surprised to see some differences when we put each device in some gaming standards. On the Tomb Raider and 1080p average, the Core i7 71 frame Per second, outpacing the average PC gaming rate of 60 fps.

What is the CPU that suits you

At the same time, the Core i9 came in at 80 frames per second and was essentially better at 10.1 per cent on Core i9. However, when we went beyond the Core i9, we found frame rates similar to those at Core i7 at 71 frames per second and the standard we tested on Ultra and 1080p settings with DirectX 12 enabled (which allows for more visual effects) Core i7 records 95 fps smooth over average 89 fps, while Core i9 performance is 11.2 per cent faster It produced 107 fps and the same operating rate resulted in higher tire rates.

Core i9-8950HK is the monster exactly where it controls every test placed in front of it, and the operating frequency of this chip makes the gap more impressive, where the CPU Core i7-8850H exceeded 17% on rough performance and about 10% Video editing performance, however we have not seen much difference in gaming frame rates especially among the Core i9 standard and increased operating frequency.


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