Chrysler installment of the 2019 United Motors and Ahli Bank

Al Ahly made a bid for the 2019 model cars in cooperation with a large number of agents including the Chrysler 300 2019 offer with the United Auto Agency. The agency also offered previous offers on the 2019 and Dodge 2019 cars. Monthly with many advantages provided by the bank and the agent to facilitate the contracting of customers.

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The car show Chrysler 300 2019 from Ahli Bank and the United Agency for cars under the slogan “Special offers .. Rental financing offer from Ahli,” and the agency has made many special offers, including the Hyundai Hyundai 2019 offers and offers Hyundai Nagi 2019 and offers Mazda 2019 from the agency Haj Hussein Ali Reda, and is supposed to continue these offers until next July, and the bank will update these offers again.

Details of Chrysler 300 2019 offers from United Motors

Chrysler introduced the 2019 300 for National Bank customers

Car Chrysler 300 2019 sedan of large size and luxury and comes the offer on the first category of the car, the National Bank made two offers on the car to receive the monthly installment, where the first offer and it comes to customers of the National Bank, which is transferred to the bank monthly, The car gets a monthly premium of SR 1775 and the first installment is 15% of the price of the car with the possibility of obtaining the car at a first rate of 0% of the price of the car while the final installment is 35% of the price of the car and administrative fees come at 0% and The annual rate is 10.06%.

Chrysler offer for 2019 to non-Ahli Bank customers

The second offer on the Chrysler 300 2019 is that for non-Ahli Bank customers or people whose salaries are not transferred through the National Bank, you can get the car monthly installment starting from 2056 riyals, while the first installment of 10% of the price of the car and the last installment of The car is 30% of the price of the car, the administrative fees are 0% of the amount of funding and the annual rate of 11.48%.

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Specifications of the Chrysler 300 2019 engine

The vehicle comes with a single version of the 3.6-liter V6 engine to power 292 hp at 6350 rpm and torque 260 lb. at 4800 rpm with 6-speed automatic transmission.

Communication with the National Bank

In case you wish to get the Chrysler 300 2019 within this offer, you can contact the United Auto Agency or the local bank. For more information about the new car, call 920000891 or visit the nearest branch of Frod United Auto Company or the nearest branch of the National Bank.


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