Causes of meningitis in men

Some people may think that the problems that affect the breast area are not related only to women and that this problem is rare in men, but this is not true Breast problems are common problems in men, where men are exposed to many diseases and symptoms that belong to the breast but less Of the exposure of women, and one of the most common problems between men and women in the breast area is the swelling and pain of the nipple and exposure to severe pain in that region.

Breast pain in men

Many men assert that the problem of pain they may suffer is accompanied by discharge and may be exposed to the emergence of ulcers in the region may be seen by some men that this is just a symptom of them and that the problem is for women only, but you should not neglect those symptoms in any case It is possible that the causes are normal for some or can be an indicator of many of the most serious causes.

Causes of Nipple Pain in Men

Men at any age may be exposed to the problem of nipple pain and it is likely that they will have sudden onset without any significant introductions. Often, these symptoms are not a sign of a serious illness but may be a sign of a disease in the body. The doctor to consult for the disposal of the disease and those symptoms and disturbing and among the reasons that lead to pain in the nipples in men are the following


It is possible that friction in the clothes to the exposure to pain and this is likely to be exposed to the man in the exercise of a lot of effort, such as running, especially in the wearing of non-sportswear and this type of pain is known as the nipple of hostility, which cause the feeling Great pain for the person.

Hormone imbalance

It is likely that the main cause of this problem is the condition of gynecomastia, which occurs for infants and during adolescence and also at the age of aging and here is a defect in the hormone masculinity and femininity also in the body, leading to increased breast size and discharge of secretions and feel more pain in the nipple.

Exposure to abscesses and tics

It is possible that the cause of pain in the nipple is the presence of dentures under the nipple or the emergence of abscesses under it and often these bites are benign and often also occur as a result of chronic infections and if you feel any lumps in the breast area feel free to visit The doctor will immediately get to know the situation and get rid of the main cause.

Liver fibrosis

Among the symptoms that appear on the body as a result of exposure to cirrhosis is the exposure to severe pain in the area of ​​the nipple, which leads to the body store more fat in the breast area and a lot of other areas scattered in the body and the pain.

Breast infections

The main cause of the problem may be breast infections because more bacteria enter the breast from the inside due to exposure to cracks, causing a lot of inflammation, leading to swelling in the breast in the long term.

It is possible that a person suffers from the problem of nipple pain due to many other reasons, including the following

Exposure to previous surgery in the breast area.
2 – to exercise a lot of exercise or a lot of duties related to the work.
3. Bone pain, especially the spine and ribs, is one of the main causes of the problem of nipple pain.

The relationship between nipple pain and breast cancer

Although breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in men, it is the most common among women, but it is exposed to it and results in exposure to pain and general problems in the breast. Among the symptoms that appear on the patient the health problem is the following:

1 – increase the tissue in the breast area or the emergence of a painless bump at all in the region.

2 – change significantly in the breast area is a peeling or reddening of the skin and may appear several wrinkles in the skin.

3. Further changes in the color and general shape of the nipple.

4 – discharge of secretions of the nipple.



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